Affectionately known as “Botriviera”, its endless fields of canola, vineyards and Blue Cranes set the scene for country hospitality at its finest. It is home to some of South Africa's most charismatic winemakers, making authentic, and very classy, world-class wines. 

Walk the Heritage Chenin Blanc vineyards with Sebastian at Beaumont, have a taste-off with Peter-Allan of Gabrielskloof & Crystallum, peak inside the barrels at Momento with Marelize, toast with a glass of South Africa's finest MCC with Melissa of Genevieve.

No two tours are alike. Tailored just for you. We ensure you taste the best of the best on your day - we cut straight to the chase. We want you to be fully immersed in the world of wine and experience the best that South Africa has to offer. 

Winemakers in the region focus in on Chenin Blanc and Syrah, which have become synonymous with the area. Also noteworthy are Method Cap Classique, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc and Pinotage. 

Favourite local lunch spots include Farro at Gabrielskloof, The Deli at Beaumont, and if you're looking for something very relaxed, Manny's in the little town of Botriver. 


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